Do you Understand your Pain?

Pain is both a physical and emotional discomfort. It’s telling you there may be something wrong with your body. Pain can be described in many ways – stabbing, aching, cramping, throbbing, burning and more.

It can be a minor nuisance or completely debilitating. Pain can change your lifestyle and impact your independence, relationships and career.


Acute Pain

It’s often a sign of an injury. Once the injury is healed, the pain should go away.


Chronic Pain

It’s often the result of disease or long-term condition. Chronic pain may require ongoing treatment.


Neuropathic Pain

When nothing is threatening your body and you still feel pain, it’s neuropathic pain. This is caused by damage to your nerves.

Detecting Harm: The Science


Pain and the Nervous System

Nerve receptors in your body, known as nociceptors, create nociceptive pain. Nociceptors are designed to detect things that may cause harm to your body – physical damage, exposure to toxins, extreme temperatures. This is the type of pain you feel when you stub your toe or are outside too long.

This is the most common type of pain and can be acute (like a sprain) or chronic (like osteoarthritis in your knee). If you’ve attempted other pain relief strategies, or exhausted most traditional methods, compounded pain products may be an alternative for you.


Pain Management

Nociceptive and neuropathic pain are managed differently. Target your pain management with the right tools.
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