Our Patient Promise

Carbon Compounds is your expert in the use of individualized compounded pain creams, alone or in combination with other therapies.
Carbon Compounds provides you an extra tool for your pain management regime.
Their professional advisors provide you with education about managing your pain and how to best use your customized topical compounded cream.


For Medical Practitioners

Patient education, treatment and support are just a few of our main concerns in providing compounded care. Get in the know on our compounds, our selection process, and gain access to helpful literature to share with patients within your medical space.

For Investors

Contribute to top-grade pharmaceutical knowledge and production that will give you comfort that your money is making a difference toward individuals' struggles with pain.


Next Steps...

Nociceptive and neuropathic pain are managed differently.
Target your pain management with the right tools.
To learn more, contact Carbon Compounds.